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We’ve been solving problems since 1902. A lot has changed since then. In recent years we’ve spent millions of dollars on the latest hi-tech equipment and training to produce high quality, high performing solutions. Our approximately 700 employees bring almost 8,000 years of collective experience to every project.


We’ve been located in Spiceland, Indiana since we first opened our doors in 1902. While many of our competitors have moved production to other countries, our commitment to and investment in our local community remains strong. Our domestic production ensures high quality and shorter lead times.


Project management has become a much more important skill to have in all of our markets. Thanks to our experience in solar control solutions, where projects may take several years from concept to completion, we have the skills and processes in place to effectively manage complex jobs. As a family-owned company, we’ve always focused on the long term. While some of our competitors are focused on the next quarter, we are focused on positioning the company for the next 100 years.


When we say our products meet certain specifications, you can believe it. Every product we make is tested before it leaves the factory to make sure it’s right. We test each batch of screen material to make sure it meets our published specifications. If it doesn’t, we don’t sell it. And if a product that doesn’t meet our specification does somehow happen to get out, we make it right as quickly as possible.


We see a problem and set about solving it. Sometimes the solution is fairly simple, and we tinker with an existing design or make small changes in color or options. Other times the problem is more complex, so we develop a one-off solution or, if it’s a common problem, a new product.


Draper utilizes strategic global partnerships where innovative and high-value solutions help solve challenging client requirements.


Our innovative approach to finding solutions is also part of our internal process. We use the lean process to help us keep ahead of changing needs and markets. We continually measure and improve our processes by eliminating waste and balancing work between our production employees. This ensures you get the correct product, delivered on time, and at a competitive price. The same is true for our administrative and office processes, where we have achieved significant increases in efficiency and cost reduction. By using cross-functional teams to consider improvements, we get more innovative, outside-the-box ideas.

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