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Whether you’re looking to make a splash with some large graphics for your business, using a wall of windows as an artistic canvas, communicating a message in a restrictive environment, bringing the outdoors into your space, or looking to print a unique design, Draper’s in-house custom printed shades and backgrounds are the perfect solution.


Do you need a specific color on a logo, or to match surround décor? We utilize highly accurate spectrophotometers for profiling, printer calibration, and scanning of color targets. Our printer operators can color match your physical targets through use of printed color grids, dialing in the final printed colors until they are just right.


Custom printed graphic shades are ideal when restrictions are imposed on signage. Company logos or ads can be printed on the outer side of a window shade for display to the world, or graphics can be printed on either side of the shade. Custom printed backgrounds can convey a brand message in press rooms, in trade show booths, or along the red carpet, or give telepresence an air of professionalism. If you need a small number of shades with a custom weave, color, or pattern, this is a more cost-effective solution than having custom weaves manufactured.


Using our own knowledgeable in-house designers and high-tech digital printers ensures the highest quality control. Our backlit inspection table allows us to review prints of any size for print quality and color accuracy before the fabric leaves the print room. We use daylight balanced lighting throughout the print room, and utilize a dedicated light booth when needed for critical review. If a quality issue is identified, we can remedy it much more quickly than competitors who depend on outside vendors for printing services.


Draper’s printers digitally produce high quality images with incredibly sharp detail. The use of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) inks allow for brilliant and vibrant color reproduction throughout a wide color gamut.


Water-based latex Inks used by Draper are UL ECOLOGO Certified, and GREENGUARD Gold Certified to standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air, and can be used on several GREENGUARD Gold certified fabrics. They are odorless and require no special ventilation. In addition, all of our printing supplies are recyclable, and 70 percent of the weight of the used ink cartridge is a recyclable cardboard container.

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